When The Unauthorized Senses Your Vulnerability

We have discovered that people are most impressionable when they are still discovering who they are and when they are in transition between who they used to be and who they are becoming. That vulnerable place can cause you to unhealthily rely on someone else’s insight, often carried on the following shoulders:

1. Advice/help

2. “I sense in my spirit,” “God told me” or any other spiritual verbiage.

Don’t feel obligated to entertain those who feel that they know you better than you do. Even the good & godly people can become unintentionally inappropriate, unhealthy or manipulative when you don’t define boundaries between you & them.

Your happiness & wholeness becomes evasive and sometimes held only in their hands (approval, acceptance, affirmation etc) when you allow them to consecrate themselves as your personal prophet or priest.

When you’re not in sync with God, unhealthy voids form. That is when you’ll find people who are willing to fill them. Many of you have had multiple people to be void fillers that you bounce around. When God appoints someone to fill a void, they will be consistent and you will have a sense of stability, soberness and God’s Presence when dealing with them. It won’t be impulsive, substitutionary, emotional or without peace as it is when you find yourself almost desperately confiding, being consoled by, or connecting with unauthorized void fillers. You don’t need people who are just available and loving. You need who God has appointed and graced for you!

God gave you a pastor, counselor, parent, spouse, friend, spiritual leader, brother/sister for a reason. Today, we are praying that God will lead you and highlight who He’s placed within reach of you to be one of His ordained, sober, and pure representative in your life. We are praying that you will KNOW in your soul and spirit and that God will give you that internal peace about it. Lastly, we are praying that you will learn to properly engage with them including:

1. Healthy boundaries

2. Being mature enough to not assume that confrontation or discomfort caused in the connection is a sign that it’s no longer God’s will to be connected.

3. Trusting God in them more than trusting them.

4. Being transparent, honest and healthily vulnerable with them as you allow God to guide the connection for His will.

5. Not growing more dependent on them, but growing with them. The goal isn’t for them to be a crutch for your life.

God’s got a plan for your life but there’s an order and process to it that involves healthy, sober, and God ordained people who will do it ethically and purely. It’s unfolding now.



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