The Cycle Of Exposure: Are You Ready For Your Turn?

It’s not that THEY are greater, it’s that their platform is bigger. When they say it, post it, write it more people see it thereby creating more impact effortlessly.

Be mindful that the platforms of influence & exposure are often cyclical. We’ve all seen it. For 10 years this group of people held it down then suddenly the rotation begins and here comes a new emergence.

Don’t get it twisted, the ones emerging didn’t just start last night. Quite often, they’ve been hidden, incubated and developing underground. The ones that bloom and bear the longest and most effective are either sustained because of God’s will & their due diligence during their underground season.

If you’re like me, you’ll remember watching old videos and recognizing some faces in the crowds that are now on the forefront. However, some of those same faces are now no longer in demand as they were before. It’s a cycle.

Please don’t over/underestimate the side of the cycle that you’re on now. Just make sure you’re healthy, whole, secure and sustainable on either one. Your whole identity and life shouldn’t be defined by either side of the cycle.

Live well whether you‘re in demand or not.

Dywane Dawkins Sr.

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