Managing My Mission In The Great Commission

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

By: D.H.Dawkins Sr.

God has given a general command to His Church to go into the world and make disciples.  This is a detrimental mission because the souls of millions of people are in the balance, including you and all of your loved ones.  It is critical that believers understand that God has called them to play a significant role in this general command.  Interestingly enough, there seems to be more weight placed on our careers, care of our families and carrying out our personal dreams than there is on obeying God’s command.  The reality is that all of the above tasks are critical, necessary and in many ways, commanded by God.  However, whenever there is a shift in our lives due to trauma, transitions or trouble, our diligence to obey God’s call and general command in the area of ministry is often the first thing we pull the plug on or turn down on.  When sick, or going through a storm, we go to work, we do what we must for our families, etc but we won’t be in church, we’ll go off the witnessing scene, or we’ll fall back altogether.  There is something very alarming about this pattern.  It reveals that there isn’t a clear understanding of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ and how we are to walk that out.


    I want you to see this as an army carrying out marching orders in a war.  There are several positions and functions that must be carried out in order to secure victory and avoid casualties.  Purpose, Passion, Placement and Power are required to be effective.  As a soldier, you need to know your role, your purpose, and your function in this war.  Know your passion and engage it. What has God given you a drive for, a passion for and resilience for?  If you don’t have a passion for it, you won’t do it faithfully. People sacrifice for what they are passionate for and they are passionate for what they know they have been created to do.  The reason people don’t rebuttal going to work, caring for families and going after their dreams is because they have placed those tasks in what I call the “non-negotiable” category.  There is no question about whether or not work or caring for my family are options.  One way or another, these things must get done.  However, obeying God’s command for believers is optional, subjective, and negotiable.  This kind of mindset must be confronted and torn down so a healthier and more accurate one can replace it.  This kind of mindset weakens the impact, increase & influence of the Body of Christ in the Earth.  This kind of mindset is a dishonor to the King & His Kingdom.

         Each person must see themselves as a smaller significant part of a larger more significant mission.  As a soldier is to war, so is a disciple of Jesus Christ to the Great Commission.  One person may be called to facilitate triage for wounded soldiers, another person is called to prepare artillery for battle and another person may be called to fight in the 3rd rank on the battle field.  Now imagine with lives on the line, families on the line, communities on the line and futures on the line, any of these enlisted people being lazy, being late, being lacksidaisical , no proactiveness, no initiative, no desire to learn how to improve, no desire to unify with others regardless of who gets the credit, lack of sincerity, no healthy honest communication, only motivated when self is highlighted or ego is stroked, etc. This can cause disaster!  Anyone operating/serving in a place without passion and clarity about their purpose there is a disaster waiting to happen. 

         Lastly, since this is a supernatural battlefield, we need supernatural power.  This is the only army where the power of the Leader is disseminated among the followers who hunger and thirst for it.  Complacency will cause lack of power and thereby lack of victory.  Every soldier in God’s army needs the power of the Holy Ghost to be effective.

The solution is to make sure you are serving in the right place. 

Pray and ask God to reveal or confirm your role in His church.  Then make sure that’s the place you’re in or headed toward.  Proper people placement prevents problems.  You become a great steward of your passion, energy and resources when plugged into the right place.  You’ll bounce back from offenses, manage failure, and develop greater focus when you are plugged into what you’re passionate for. If you aren’t passionate about it, stop doing it, you’re either in the wrong place, or something is distracting you. Your place is waiting on you for you to engage your purpose, release your passion, occupy your place, and operate with power.  It is by these means that you can be effective in making disciples, gaining influence, advancing the Kingdom of God, and shifting the culture.

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