Don’t Cut Back Now

The Church of Jesus Christ will always be relevant as long as it remains authentic to what Jesus built it to be.

I’m not against having fun, being cool & staying “fresh” in the context of the church. However, I believe deliverance, discipleship and enduring persecution is going to require Holy Ghost Power, Intentionally Intense Prayer & Strong Sound Doctrinal Preaching & Teaching.

They like the diluted, user friendly, quick version until a demon starts acting up, the doctors can’t do anymore or depression is riding them.

Church, don’t loosen the bolts of your spiritual foundation and dilute the discipline of your devotion in order to appease or attract this consumer driven crowd of spectators who periodically get plugged in when convenient. When they dismiss the proven and pure truth as a means to get to God, trouble will escort them right back.

I’m not encouraging legalistic, irrelevant and dogmatic methods and mindsets. I am encouraging that we stop strengthening this false notion that the primitive lacks efficiency and is antiquated. The primitive pillars that carry the essence and power that distinguishes us as The Church of Jesus Christ are non-negotiable. Prayer, fasting, corporate praise and worship, bible study, discipleship, communion, baptism, holy & sanctified living, setting and serving in the local church, tithing and giving, etc.

It’s too much going on for the Church to start cutting back now. There’s a storm out on the ocean...

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