Have We Forgotten The Need For Reconciliation? By: D.H.Dawkins Sr.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Believers are called to the ministry of reconciliation.The basis of our faith is rooted in us being reconciled or reconnected to God through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. After receiving that deposit of grace, we are called to distribute the same to others as we live daily.

Social media has become a platform for the accelerated & heightened exposure of all kinds of conflicts, rumors, scandals etc. While Jesus was known to do well among the drama of bad reputations, He did it for the purpose of reconciling people to God. As many unresolved, angry, resentful & in need of healing people there are, believers must put emphasis on creating environments conducive for confession, counsel & covering.

True healing & restoration cannot happen in environments of mockery, hostility and pride. What’s alarming is that many of the “cutting edge” ministries today have embraced the latter as the norm. The endorsements of “clap-backs, pettiness, and shade” among many in church leadership is eclipsing our Great Commission.

Much of the harvest is slipping thru the cracks of our conflicts, competition and cliques to Islam, Atheism, spiritually assimilative groups/practices and non-religious/relational beliefs altogether. While many compare styles, expressions, gifts, demonstrations, platforms, personalities etc and neglect the true weight of DISCIPLESHIP, our alleged individual wins are actually corporate losses.

When gurus emerge only celebrated for their masterful atmospheres, mesmerizing gifts and momentous followership but are making more of a mess in a system that is obsessed with their success, we aren’t making progress.

When the next row of God’s voices to emerge have to rise with private paranoia for fear of some kind of backlash, sabotage or muckraking, we have endorsed or enabled the development of an unhealthy subculture that isn’t conducive for confession, healing, repentance, security, assurance and acceptance in a post-wreckless season. This kind of climate breeds a vibe of gossip hungry, waiting in the wings, highly judgmental snipers working with unhealed bullies that will stop at nothing to discredit those who seek to advance the character and cause of the Kingdom not just the charisma of it.

There are people who are in need of forgiveness and pardon, but because of their harsh, malicious, critical, condescending, arrogant qualities, it makes it hard to offer grace and mercy to them when it’s their turn to be on the “chopping block.” Because everyone will have their turn.

These and much more are the result of a hostile, mocking and prideful culture. The Spirit Of God is One who will posture a believers heart to forgive, resolve, restore, and reconcile. While it is easy to say “amen” to that, the process toward this goal requires much more than an immediate response from the mouth.

Here are some scriptures to study and pray through: Matthew 5:23-26, 18:15-17, 1 Corinthians 12:14-21

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